Do you accept credit cards? No we are not set up for credit cards. We accept cash, personal checks or cashier checks. We do offer a monthly payment plan with no interest.

Do you have a sound system? No we do not have any sound equipment. We recommend you hire a DJ as the DJ not only plays music and gets guests dancing but they help keep the flow of the event on schedule and often help plan the reception timelines.
Another affordable option is renting an all in one sound system from a party rental company.

Where does the DJ set up?
  The DJ set up area is located on the patio which is also the dance floor.  The area is shaded after 3 pm and located near the outside outlet.  There are no outlets near the ceremony arbor. Most DJ's set up speakers on the patio facing toward the ceremony. DJ's will need to bring cords of 100 feet if power is needed at the arbor.

Do you have Wi-Fi? No we do not have any internet service. Make sure you DJ is aware that there is no Wi-fi.

Do you provide tablecoths? In an effort to keep our prices at the lowest available we do not provide linens. By purchasing linens you have the options to use white, ivory, black or a selected color.  We have a link on the Planning page of our website for our recommended vendor, LinenTablecloth, for tablecloths. LinenTablecloth not only sells tablecloths at a great price but have many other items at very affordable prices. The 120 inch round table cloths fit our round tables and hang to the ground for a beautiful elegant look. The economy tablecloths are very nice and on sale often for $5-$6 dollars. The wash up easily and can be then resold on Craigslist.

Can we leave items at rehearsal or leave items to pick up the next day? No we do not rent overnight.  No items can be left before or after rental time.

Can we leave cars overnight?
No we have a gate at the entrance of our property that is locked at the end of events. We do not live onsite or near the property and will not be available to open the gate.

I see there is no smoking on the property, where can my guest smoke? Although we do not allow smoking on our property we do have a designated smoking area. The area is a covered shelter that provides protection from rain and sun for the comfort of guests. We ask that guests do not smoke outside the gate or on the street as the property outside the gate is not ours and smoking in that area is a fire hazard.

Do you have bathrooms? Yes we have 2 indoor bathrooms available at all events. In the summer we also have an outhouse by The Pourhouse.

Do we have to use preferred caterers? No we do not have any catering restrictions. We have a list of caterers on our website of caterers that have been to our venue but you are not required to use caterers on the list. Friends and family are welcom to do your catereing. We have a large kitchen for you and your caterers to use. There are no additional charges to use our kitchen.

Can we bring our own alcohol? Yes, we do not provide food or alcohol. All alcohol served must be provided by the renting party and served in the bar or Greenhouse kitchen.  Alcohol must be served at no charge to guests. Beer, wine, champagne and hard cider are permitted. We do not allow hard liquor. No alcohol is permitted in the parking lot. Any guest pouring drinks from their cars will be asked to leave. If multiple guests are found pouring beverages from their cars the event will be shut down. Insurance coverage for alcohol served is included in the required insurance through Gales Creek.

Is the facility accessible to the general public? No our property is very private and secluded. Unlike parks, golf courses, and hotels we are not open to the public so only your invited guests will be on our property.

Do we have to set up tables and chairs for our event? No we have staff that arrives at the beginning of your rental time that set up all tables and chairs.  We have 200 chairs, if your event is for over 100 we will move chairs after the ceremony to the reception area.  We also set up tables and chairs as needed for indoor events.

What time do we have to leave?
Events must end 1 hour before the end of rental. All music must shut down and clean up begin no later than 1 hour before the end of rental time. Our staff will begin taking down chairs and tables 1 hour before the end of rental. All guests and wedding party must be out the gate by the end of rental time.

What is the capacity for indoor weddings? Our maximum capacity is 150 for both outdoor and indoor weddings.

Is there overflow parking? Our parking lot is set up for approximately 50 cars. We can accommodate up to 60 cars on the property. An average wedding has 2.5 persons per car and has not been an issue for up to 150 guests.  If vendors are bringing multiple staff with multiple cars we recommend they have their staff park the additional cars at the school located 3/10ths of a mile away and shuttle them to our property.

Is there someone on site? Yes, there are 1 to 2 staff onsite for your entire event. Staff is responsible for ensuring the bathrooms are stocked and working, the power works, directing parking, and advising vendors upon arrival. The staff office is the camper trailer located on site. They will spend most of the time in the camper trailer during the reception. If you need them for anything do not see them around, check the camper trailer.

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